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Brewing Diversity: A Third-Generation Latino Brewer's View of Craft Beer in Burlington, Ontario

Greetings, beer enthusiasts! I'm Fernando Sequeda, your amiable Brewmaster and Executive chef at Burlington Brewery.

Today, I invite you on a journey deep into the heart of the craft beer industry, where we'll explore the beautiful tapestry of cultural diversity. Join me as I share my unique perspective as a third-generation Latino brewer right here in Burlington, Ontario.

Craft beer isn't merely a drink; it's an immersive experience, a narrative, and a celebration of community. Growing up in a family steeped in Latino traditions, my foray into the craft beer world has been shaped by the rich cultural heritage passed down through generations.

Burlington, renowned for its welcoming vibe, boasts a craft beer scene that mirrors the diversity of its community. As a third-generation Latino brewer, I've witnessed the industry's evolution and its growing embrace of cultural influences.

Craft beer's remarkable trait lies in its capacity to absorb flavors from around the world. At Burlington Brewery, we take pride in crafting brews that tell a story—often one that mirrors my own cultural background. From cherished family recipes to innovative brewing techniques, our goal is to create a fusion that embodies both our heritage and the vibrant tapestry of the local community.

Tacos and beer have evolved into a symbol of unity at Burlington Brewery. Our Taco Tuesday and Beers event goes beyond mere discounts; it's a celebration of the diverse flavors defining our community. Each meticulously prepared taco encapsulates the essence of Latino culinary traditions, offering a delightful pairing with our craft beers.

Being a third-generation Latino brewer in Burlington has enabled me to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation. It's about harnessing the best of both worlds to create something uniquely Burlington. The local craft beer community has warmly embraced this diversity, fostering a space where cultural backgrounds seamlessly blend over a pint.

In many ways, craft beer serves as a universal language, uniting people, fostering connections, and breaking down barriers. As a Latino brewer, witnessing individuals from all walks of life gather around a table, sharing conversations over our brews, is a testament to the inclusivity of the craft beer community.

At Burlington Brewery, we're not just brewing beer; we're crafting an experience that mirrors the diversity of our city. So, whether you're a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or someone curious about exploring the world of flavors, rest assured, there's always a spot for you at our brewery.

Here's to the vibrant tapestry of culture, the ever-evolving craft beer scene in Burlington, and the incredible community that makes it all possible.


Fernando Sequeda

Brewmaster and Chef

Burlington Brewery

Don't forget to keep it crafty!

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