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How Burlington Brewery Is Making Latin American Beer and Culture More Accessible

Hello, enthusiasts of beer and culture alike! I am Fernando Sequeda, the master brewer at Burlington Brewery, and I am enthusiastic to elucidate how we are enhancing accessibility to Latin American beer and culture while honouring the diverse tapestry within the Latino community.

Our mission at Burlington Brewery is straightforward: to honor Latino culture and illuminate the myriad subcultures encompassed by the term "Latino". As a Venezuelan Latino myself, I am attuned to the subtleties and distinctions among various Latino identities, spanning from Argentinian to Puerto Rican to Canadian-Latino. This awareness serves as the compass guiding all our endeavours at Burlington Brewery.

One avenue through which we spotlight Latin American culture is our longstanding collaboration, spanning eight years, with Maiz Latin Food restaurants, known for their Latin Caribbean-inspired cuisine. Our culinary offerings complement our acclaimed beer styles impeccably. From quintessential American sips like the Hoppy Seagull West Coast IPA to Latino-inspired brews like the Abuelita stout, there is a libation to delight every palate. And what could be more invigorating than indulging in our Cafe con Leche, Coffee Cream ale while witnessing the burgeoning inclusivity within the Greater Toronto Area's beer landscape?

However, our commitment to accessibility transcends beer and cuisine. We are dedicated to cultivating an inviting atmosphere where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel embraced and valued. Through educational events, cultural exhibitions, and community involvement, we endeavor to dismantle barriers and cultivate meaningful connections.

As we progress along this journey, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share the splendor and cultural wealth of Latin America with our community.

Together, let us raise our glasses in celebration of diversity, embrace inclusivity, and collectively forge a brighter future for all.

Salud, and... Don't forget to Keep it crafty!

Warm regards,

Fernando Sequeda

Master Brewer, Burlington Brewery

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