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"Siento" by Eugenia


Step into the vibrant world of art at Burlington Brewery, where we proudly present our featured local artist, Eugenia. As a key member of the Burlington Brewery team, Eugenia brings a unique blend of creativity and passion to her pop art creations. Join us from December 9th to February 13th, 2024, and immerse yourself in the captivating display of Eugenia's artwork at our brewery's exclusive pop art gallery. Don't miss the chance to experience the local talent that defines the artistic spirit of Burlington.


"Liberty" is a vibrant pop art painting that boldly captures the essence of freedom. Dominated by a rich palette of primary colors, the canvas features a dynamic composition, with a central figure symbolizing liberty—perhaps an updated interpretation of the Statue of Liberty. The use of bold lines, sharp contrasts, and collage elements adds a contemporary flair, while subtle nods to popular culture enhance the visual impact. Through its energetic and visually striking presentation, "Liberty" invites viewers to reflect on the intersection of freedom, consumerism, and contemporary society.

36x36 900$


"Love" is a captivating pop art masterpiece that bursts with vibrant colors and a dynamic composition. The canvas showcases iconic symbols associated with love, such as hearts and kisses, reimagined in a bold and contemporary style. With a nod to popular culture, the painting incorporates elements of everyday life, creating a visually striking and relatable piece. The use of repetition, bright hues, and sharp contrasts.

36x36 860$


"Intelligence" is a thought-provoking pop art painting that combines vibrant colors and sharp contrasts to convey a contemporary perspective on intellect. The canvas features iconic symbols associated with intelligence, perhaps brains, gears, or abstract representations of knowledge. Bold lines and a dynamic composition add a sense of energy to the piece. Through the use of pop art techniques, such as repetition and collage elements, the painting engages viewers with a visually stimulating commentary on the intersection of intellect and popular culture. "Intelligence" encourages contemplation on the evolving nature of knowledge in our modern world.

30x24 700$


"Fun" is a lively pop art painting that bursts with exuberance and color. The canvas is a vibrant collage of playful symbols and joyful imagery, creating a dynamic composition. Whimsical elements like balloons, confetti, and smiling faces are rendered in bold, primary hues, capturing the essence of carefree enjoyment. The use of repetition and sharp contrasts adds a sense of movement and energy to the piece, reflecting the lively spirit of the theme. "Fun" is a visual celebration that invites viewers to revel in the joyous and entertaining aspects of life through the lens of pop art.

40X16 600$


"Home" is a heartwarming pop art painting that brings the comfort of domestic life to the forefront. The canvas is filled with familiar household objects, perhaps an iconic house structure or everyday items like chairs, tables, and windows. The color palette is warm and inviting, creating a cozy atmosphere. Through bold lines and a harmonious composition, the painting captures the essence of home in a contemporary and visually engaging way. "Home" serves as a nostalgic celebration of the ordinary, inviting viewers to appreciate the warmth and familiarity found within the four walls we call home.

40x24 740$


"Paradigma" is a striking pop art painting that challenges perceptions with its bold and enigmatic composition. The canvas features a fusion of contrasting symbols and elements, perhaps representing shifts in societal norms or ideological paradigms. Vibrant colors and sharp lines draw attention to the dynamic interplay between traditional and contemporary imagery. Through a clever use of repetition and collage techniques, "Paradigma" prompts viewers to question and redefine their understanding of established concepts. This thought-provoking piece encapsulates the essence of pop art by blending visual appeal with a deeper exploration of cultural paradigms and societal shifts.

48x36 1100$

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